The Atomic Energy chemistry set, for the child who wants to blow up the world, September 1948, photo by Martha Holmes for LIFE magazine.


Vincent Van Gogh, La Marie d’Auvers

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❝ The niece of the great Mongol leader, Kubla Khan, Princess Khutulun was described by Marco Polo as the greatest warrior in Khan’s army. She told her uncle she would marry any man who could wrestle her and win. If they lost they had to give her 100 horses.

She died unmarried with 10,000 horses. ❞
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Werner Herzog on his film Fitzcarraldo (1982) in the documentary of the same year, Burden of Dreams.

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7 Classic Essays by Zadie Smith


Some people say her essays are better then her novels — this collection of her best nonfiction will help you decide



"…Who… What are you?”
erik: “…Let’s just say I’m Frankenstein’s monster. And I’m looking for my creator.”

"…Listen to me very carefully, my friend: killing Shaw will not bring you peace"
erik: “…Peace was n e v e r an option”


Silent film actor Charlie Chaplin c. 1910s

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